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Founding Date:1976
Founders:Hunter Malenko
Notable Members:Leon Kennedy
Jill Valentine
Ryder Davids
See Known Officers
Headquarters:Port Starborne, Maryland, USA
The Port Starborne Police Department, or P.S.P.D. for short, is the police force of Port Starborne. It follows standard procedure in terms of the safety it provides.


The P.S.P.D. was founded in 1976 by Hunter Malenko, a World War II veteran who was living in Port Starborne at the time. As the city had no official police force at that time, he organized several meetings with the governing body of the city. They authorised the creation of an official police force, and Hunter took the role of chief for a couple of years. In a cruel twist of irony, Hunter was stabbed and killed by Jack Faquar, leader of the previous, yet unoffical, police force. The mantle of chief was taken by a young, yet still experienced, officer named Paddy Hurst, who is still chief to this day. This makes him, currently, the longest serving member of the P.S.P.D.


The deployment of the P.S.P.D. is fairly simple, as a large proportion of sending out officers is just patrol work. It's unlikely that there will be teams of officers, as there isn't much major crime in the city. As expected, there is a large proportion of office work for the officers, although the P.S.P.D. utilizes the fastest workers for these jobs.

Known OfficersEdit

Name Years Active Status
Davids, Ryder 1980-1997 Deceased
Dempsey, Ira 1990-2007 Deceased
Hurst, Paddy 1978-Present Alive
Kennedy, Leon 1995-2002 Alive
Malenko, Hunter 1976-1978 Deceased
Marquis, Kayleigh 2006-Present Alive
Novas, Sydney 2002-Present Alive
Valentine, Jill 2000-2003 Alive

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