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DUI: Alyssa Helm, 27, of Newark, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol following an accident at 3:26 p.m. June 1st, according to Newark Police Department. Police said Helm crashed into another vehicle on 18th Avenue in Lower Vailsburg. Her blood alcohol content was measured at 0.168 percent, according to the police report.

(Incident A2211-04422)

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: Someone apparently made several attempts to ram a locked metal gate at the Bedford Estate, according to State Police, Newark. Police said the incident happened sometime between 4 and 7:40 p.m. Saturday while the occupant of the home was not there. Anyone with information about the incident, or the vehicle and its driver, is asked to contact police at 433-6455.

(Incident D07-100238)

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