The Creature's image, max 250px
The Creature's name
Created Known creation date of the creature
Created By The creator of the creature
Creation How the creature got created
Based What the creature is based off of, or what the base of the creature was
Height/Length The height of the creature
Purpose The purpose of the creature
Status The status of the creature, active, extinct, or unknown

Poison ZombieEdit

If a type of poison infected with the T-virus is entered into the bloodstream the Zombie that is created has longer fingernails (like a Crimson Head execept shorter) and both the bite and the "claws" drip poison into the bloodstream creating more Poison Zombies. Also when a Posion Zombie is shot in the head or the stomach large clouds of poison not tainted by the T-virus appear. Umbrella decided not to pursue this line of B.O.W.s because of the infection rate quickly spreads dew to the clouds killing someone and then another zombie bites them.

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