A Plagas Zombie was a human who succumbed to the T-virus, and then was infected by a Plagas egg via injection. The study and research was headed by Albert Wesker, who ordered the Zombie be put through physical examinations and tests after the parasite took control. The first test was against an unarmed Majini, which the Zombie won decisivlely by tearing out its gullet in a zombie-like fasion. Fearing that the Parasite had somehow failed and that the Zombie was back under the T-virus' control, he put it up against a Majini armed with a machette. To Weskers suprise, the Zombie skilfully avoided the Majini's attacks and broke its neck, after its victory the Zombie looked at the one-sided, divisional mirror and smiled...

Finally Wesker wanted to see how it reacted to damage and pain, he entered the holing area and shot the Zombie multiple times in the chest, it did not show pain, nor did it show retaliation towards Wesker, who was within its reach. Instead it took its anger out on inanimate objects. After this Wesker quickly rendered the experiment a sucess. However due to an outbreak of Licker's the Plagas Zombie prototypes were brutally killed, it is rumoured however that a few survived and escaped, whilst showing indipendant intelligence.

Scientists have hinted a theory that the Plagas and the T-virus battled inside the host, destroying eachother and causing the host to regain its individualism and intelligence, whilst keeping the T-virus' physical enhancements, creating the perfect mass productonable super soldier, all knowlege and research however are lost within the Tricel laboritory in Africa, which is currently controlled by wild Lickers and considered a deadzone by Tricell. The only two people who knew of the Plagas Zombie to not die inside the laboritory were Excella Gionne and Albert Wesker...

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