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Paul "Paulie" Soprano
Paulie Soprano
Date of birth:November 5,1900
Blood type:A
Height:6ft 2
Mass:295 lb
Family:Jasmine Soprano (Granddaughter)
Dean Miller (Grandson-In-Law)
Madeline Soprano (Daughter-In-Law)
Occupation:Don of the Soprano Crime Family
Relationship:Married (Widowed)
Spouse(s):Carmen Capone (1920-1938)
Children:Chris Soprano (Son,Desceased)

Paul "Paulie" Soprano is the Don of the Soprano Crime Family and the grandfather of Jasmine Soprano. He is also the mentor of Dean Miller, who used the skills Paulie taught him to find Oswell E. Spencer and his remnants of the Umbrella Corporation. Soprano's background is unknown however he was born in Detroit, Michigan and was far away from Raccoon City when Umbrella dropped a 5 kiloton Precision Tactical Nuclear Weapon on the city in 1998. In the 2000's, Soprano was living in Fort Montana which they defended against countless hordes of Zombies.


Soprano by the year 2037, is 137 years old and after a few years, he decided to see if his grandchild was still alive and so they headed for New Raccoon City. They arrived at the club called "Miller's Lights" where they met up with Jasmine and Dean. Paulie, Dean and Jasmine all talked and had a great time in the back office; Paulie decided that he would teach Dean what he knew about being a member and having connections.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

Paulie's main weapon of choice is a Thompson Submachine Gun and either a Colt M1911 or a Colt 1903 as his sidearm.

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