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Created via:t2 virus infection
Based:Unknown moth species

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"Oh shit! It's the babies..."

-Jonas on the moth larvae.

The parasites are the larvae of the Giant Moth enemy. They are considered to be parasites due to the manner of which they feed off of human prey or any organic living thing that the moths bring to them. They can be seen on the beach feeding off of one of Alex's guards by latching onto his face. They appear to suck out the bodily fluids and leave the host as a dry, empty husk.

The parasites do not post as much of a threat as their larger counterparts will. Normally, they will ignore the player and simply go about feeding or slithering about on their own.

If the player does linger too long around the larvae however, they will screech out loudly to alert their elders. This is considered to be an eerie act of intellect because insects such as the moths have not displayed such intelligence before.

The eggs of the parasites will usually hatch in bunches of 10 and due to infection, hatch in a very short time. They have tiny fangs in their mouths that resemble smaller versions of mandibles. In the course of their development, they will form a cocoon and then, in the span of one week, they will mature into that of a fully - formed Giant Moth. This is why only a few grown moths are seen.

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