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Date of
Created via:Spliced together with another unknown animal and infection of experimental t2-virus.
Purpose:Marketable B.O.W.
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"Nice kitty..."

- Jonas, when seeing Osiris.

This new kind of B.O.W. was developed in 2007 by Alex before the production of the G10 Cerberus model was in effect. They resemble large cats with massive head spines consisting entirely of bone that seem to stand on end when they are threatened. Its body is drastically thin, but it can charge at its prey with shocking speed. It skillfully uses its talon-like claws to scale trees and rocks, and from these vantage points it assaults its victims. This is a tough enemy, even with good weapons on hand. It's virtually blind, but its large ears grant it uncanny listening skills.

It's methods of production are similar to that of the Anubis model that Umbrella had produced sometime in 2002. Only a few were made by the Umbrella Executive in secret before released to be tested on the arrivals of his facility.

It is unknown what other methods were used in creating the creature as it is different from that of a normal feline animal. It will toss its head back and roar like that of a panther, but given the larger size, it may have been mutated from another source.

The name Osiris is an Egyptian god, that is usually identified as the god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead. Like Anubis, it is another B.O.W. developed and given the name of an Egyptian God.

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