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Ortega Security Solutions
Founding Date:2006
Founders:Unnamed Former Special-Forces Operator
Headquarters:New York State
Locations:Afghanistan, Iraq, Effori Island
Affiliations:BSAA, SBCS, UN
"They're Mercenaries, Not Bloody Soldiers!"
―Andy "Rockets" Rogers To An Unknown Reporter Who Pestered Him For An Answer About His Opinion In Ortega's Involvement

Ortega Solutions, or Ortega Security Solutions as it was formally known, was a Private Military Company officially founded in 2006 in New York. The organization took part in the doomed "Operation Condor" on Effori Island alongside Bioterrorism Security Assesment Alliance and Special Biohazard Countermeasure Service operatives in 2030.


The organization itself was founded to take advantage of the instability of the world, in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as to take part in Bioterrorism prevention. The organization itself played relatively small roles in conflicts and operations, playing it safe as security guards for low-level complexes, guarding diplomats on hazardous assignments and protecting reconstruction workers and reporters in high-risk areas. The jobs were small and boring, but the pay was lucrative and appetizing to say the least, with the average operative earning in excess of £250,00 a day. By 2015, it had employed over 459 former army and special forces operatives from countries the world over, spreading far out from it's headquarters in New York. In 2030, the United Nations offered it a £8600,000 contract to be the exclusive and only PMC to operate in Effori Island, which had suffered a sudden outbreak of the Adder Virus, a previously unheard of variant of the T-Virus, where they would act as an auxillary force of peacekeepers for the BSAA and SBCS. Accepting the contract, many in the company though that the operation would be easy-runnings, as well as easy-earnings. However, within a month after the arrival of all three organizations, contractors found out that the situation was that of a disaster zone. Rioting and looting occured in places even remotely riddled with the virus, with some operators becoming infected or being killed by rioting civilians. The situation became desperate as the companies lawyers attempted to "Wriggle" their way out of the contract imposed by the UN, which unfortunately also had the fine-print stating that the company couldn't leave until the operation either succeeded or failed. By February, the month in which BSAA and SBCS operatives began exiting the island, the company ordered a small man team of three to enter the nearby coastal town of Linos, which housed a small BSAA base. The three operators, Jonas Blascowicz, Joey Baxter and Harrison Smith, found that the town had infact been overrun and infected silently the night before, and the town was now filled with infected creatures. Battling their way out, they managed to reach the relative safety of an outpost and report back what had happened. This was the final straw for the company, who began pulling out their operatives silently and swiftly. By the time the Island was nearly evacuated of all BSAA and SBCS personnel, 95.9% of all Ortega operators had been evacuated, the remaining 5.1% staying back to give the illusion that the company still remained. Shortly before the evacuation of the US Consulate, the last of the operators were pulled out, the contract finally ripped up by the UN. The company would spend the next 3 years licking it's wounds and counting the cost of it's foolhardiness.


Operators within the company usually wore civilian clothing of mixing variety, usually chinos complemented with sweaters or polo-shirts, with either a kevlar vest on it's own, or a kevlar vest complemented with a helmet. Standard weapon choice for operators in 2030 was the S5C Enfield Assault-Rifle, the then standard issue weapon for the British Armed Forces, and the 9mm. Rana handgun, the main stay weapon for the Russian Armed Forces. In the way of vehicles, the PMC utilized Pickup trucks and M71 APCs. The main helicopter was the multi-role M60 Ghosthawk, a mainstray for the United States Airforce since 2023

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