| image= ''Omega.JPG''
 | name= ''Omega''
 | born= ''March 6th, 2009''
 | died= ''April 19th, 2009 (Revived)''
 | height= ''N/A''
 | R/E= ''Caucasian/American''
 | gender= ''Male''
 | occupation= ''None''
 | married= ''Single''
 | relatives= ''Valentine, Alpha, Beta''
 | status= ''Revived''

"Considering You Just Shot Me In The Fucking Head I Suppose I Should Return The Favor"

- Omega Before Killing Lupo.

Omega Is One Of The Main Protagonists Of Resident Evil Operation Dark Winter. He Was Created By Who He Was Killed By, New Umbrella And Revived By The Spec Ops.

Biography Edit

Omega Was Created March 6th 2009. He Grew In A Month Considering He Was The First Human/Clone Created By New Umbrella. Omega Was Trained Quickly And Was Sent To Find Valentine. He Encounters Her And Helps Defeat A Brute. They Decided To Split Up And Meet In Spec Ops Headquarters, Officially Betraying Umbrella. Omega Fights His Way Through Zombies And One Licker Before Being Shot In The Head By Lupo. He Is Seen Fighting Umbrella Operatives And Killing Them.

Weapons Edit

  • .25 ACP
  • Knife
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Super Sense

Quotes Edit

"Project Valentine..."

- When First Encountering Valentine.

"Ugh, That Thing Is Drooling? Fuck It."

- About The Kill The Licker.

"Hmph Well That Was--"

- Before Being Shot

"Sayonara Mother Fucker"

- Killing Umbrella Operatives

Trivia Edit

  • He Is Voiced By Jason Griffith
  • He Is Inspired By The Other Omega.

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