Oliver Tyon
Date of Birth 1937
Date of Death 1991
Gender male
Height 5 ft
Race/Ethnicity Russian, Caucasian
Occupation N/A
Marital status Single
Relative(s) None
Status Deceased

""Survival of the bravest"!"
―Oliver Tyon

Early life Edit

Oliver was an aged WW2 survivor who took the role of a Soviet commander as he led a squad of Russian troops in to Berlin, in 1976 due to his excellent survival instinct and tactical abilities, even in the most dire of situations and having earned countless medals in WW2, he became one of the Soviet Union's greatest commander's. Late 1986 he'd already led 49 missions to a success and soon rose to the rank of General.

Death Edit

Oliver was one of the Soviets greatest General's of all time, by the age of 54 he adopted a son named Petroff Tyon, he taught him all of his skills. However Oliver was sent on a final mission in France, shortly before his supposed retirement, he however did not Know the actual motives behind the incident which was a bombing of a lab in Paris. Upon arriving he met up with Ocelot Calaz (Who was working for Night) who then merely shot him in the head, Finally ending the poor man's life...

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