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Olga Demidov
Date of birth:March 1936
Date of death:Not specified
Blood type:O
Height:165 cm
Mass:50 kg
Occupation:Bookshop owner

Executive for Weapons Development Program

Appearances:Resident Evil: End of Days

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"The Demidov men were always known to have tempers on them. But they always took care of family. They respected and loved their wives, watched out for them and tended to their children. Well, at least that's what I was told, anyway."

--One of Ivan's men remarking about the Demidov family.

Olga Demidov nee' "Olga Volodin", was born sometime in April of 1936. Her history is mostly unknown, but it is known that she was born in a small town outside of Moscow before opening her own bookshop. This may have been the time that she met Nikolai. Supposedly the story was that he arrived in her shop to buy some new books regarding information on weapons.

After their marriage and later on Ivan's disappearance, Olga was stricken with grief over the loss; and upon the suicide of her husband, supposedly slipped into a depression that kept her silent for the rest of her life. Most of those who knew her described her days living as "a walking ghost".


Many of those in Russia who knew Olga had described her as a very quiet woman who mostly kept to herself. She was often kind and generous to the public and usually would come to help those who needed it. When she married Nikolai, many were shocked because of the strong emotional differences in the two.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Olga was described as being angelic and beautiful, a stark contrast to her husband. She had blonde, almost white hair and sharp blue eyes that were known to utterly melt even the coldest of men into submission.


Remember this: "A bazooka in the hands of a woman PMS'ing can cause mass mayhem in a zombie apocalypse." --Queen-of-the-Living-Dead 19:33, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

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