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Officer Carlton Williams (Born September 20, 1959) appears in the Crimson Torrent series and the beginning of the Bloody Rain series.

Crimson Torrent Edit

Officer Williams is introduced as a rookie cop in the Crimson Torrent series.

The Woods Williams appears at the Crocker Mansion when he is called out to investigate a domestic disturbance. There, he finds someone attacking a party of people. He shoots the suspect to death, only after he attacks someone. He leaves only to be called back out several days later. He finds that many of the guests have vanished. The police officer begins to leave, but comes across a camera which was used to record the events that took place there.

City of the Dead Williams attempts to expose what happened in the mansion and to prove the government is covering up the murders of the people at the party. Days after, two sole survivors arrive in the city and help Williams.

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