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Nyle Atlas;Grayson
Date of birth:1971
Blood type:O negtive
Height:6ft 5
Mass:199 lb
Race/Nationality:Caucasian/American- Chinese
Family:Oliver Grayson(Father)
Occupation:Director of biotechnology Reseearch for the Atlas Corporation (Formerly)
Spouse(s):Alexia Ashford (Carterverse), Alyssa Rasch, Aileen Rasch
Children:Matthew Atlas, Allison Atlas,
Status:In stasis(Alive), IIA,
Weapons:Gauss Rifle-Beetle Type

"All life was meant to serve my Queen "-Nyle to Garret Latimer

Nyle Grayson was the head of the Atlas Corporation's biotech division, which he used in his quest to create the perfect being.



While with AtlasEdit

Creation of P-001 virusEdit

After infectionEdit

Operation:Convergence BreakEdit

During Operation: Convergence Break Nyle was trapped in Reality 17 with Cylcone Team where he discovered the Qroalataens which he proceed to become their king after curing the Pinophage. Cyclone Team Qroal Infection Nyle's generals. Nyle and Cyclone Team was marked as MIA and [[Operation: Convergence Break was considered a failure two weeks after they entered the portal. He again used the perfected Rip Device001 to travel to Formis,Reality 16 where he discovered the Formical Wasteland. He used this technology to advance his new followers, and established the Chenar Fleet that would invade Earth/Reality 1. He would create the Formic Covenant Hive of Chernarus government and would establish his new nation on Formis. He would later invade Russia and China in 2054 to create the country of Chernarus. He continue expanding is Empire until GN Forces put an end to his advance using a Psionis Destroyer forcing Nyle to retreat to his Earth-bound nation. Upon his invasion of Russia he was marked a I.I.A, or infected-in-action.

Formic Covenant Hive of ChernarusEdit


Skills and AbilitiesEdit

He has always displayed a high aptitude for every subject. However, he developed a great interest in Bio-technology

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