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Nicholas Hart
Date of birth:Unknown
Date of death:1999
Occupation:Police Chief
Appearances:Resident Evil: First Hour
Portrayer:Michael Douglas

Nicholas Hart is the Police Chief of the Northwick Police Department.


Nicholas Hart was given command of Northwick Police Department in 1981, when the station opened up. During his time, many officers have transferred here from Redwood Police Department in hopes of having an easier, or in some cases more exciting, job.

While in the Suburbs, he keeps the peace rather effectively and tries to assure his officers constantly. He also was afraid of bad news, often throwing tantrums before and afterwards and blaming himself. He never went into the field, as he was afraid of getting himself or other people hurt and usually lurked in his office.

Resident Evil: First HourEdit

During the series, he serves as a minor character only in his office and telling assignments to officers through radio and telephone. His mood swings are revealed in episode 4 when after the phone call, he walks into his office and begins to throw one of his tantrums after telling Jack about Edward.

During the outbreak on February 10th, he becomes infected by an escaped prisoner and soon after attacked Duncan Grey. It is unknown if he was killed or not, though he is not seen in the police station when Jack Daly or Warren Peace enter.


  • Nicholas Hart may have been Bipolar from his mood swings.
  • Nicholas Hart's body is not seen anywhere in the police station or his zombie when either Jack or Warren come.

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