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New Amazons
New Amazon Flag
Founding Date:Early 20th Century
  • Otrera Kapodistrias
  • Notable Members:
  • Penthesilea Samaras
  • Diana Samaras
  • Jacqueline Sabina
  • Tina Beals
  • Affiliations:Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus
  • Division Delta:Italian Division
  • New World Alliance
  • Status:Active

    The New Amazons is a private military company originally formed by cultists of the New Amazon religion.


    During the Ukrainian War of Independence, Otrera Kapodistrias, a soldier of the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army, started a cult that she named the New Amazons within the Free Territory. When the Bolsheviks launched a surprise attack on the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army, the cult continued its practices, albeit in a peaceful and secluded manner.

    Decades later, the New Amazons remained active, continuing to accept missions from various clients.

    Norseth IncidentEdit

    The Styx SymbioteEdit

    Allying with Division-DeltaEdit


    While the New Amazons is open to both male and female members, over 80% of its members are female, simply because of the organization's name. Due to the increasing number of volunteers, roughly 40% of the female New Amazon members are a part of the actual religion originally set by Kapodistrias. The religion is considered by some to be a cult, but the practices of the religious New Amazons are quite mild. Ceremonies are in outdoor locations far from the public, and several times a week late at night. In a ceremony, a New Amazon leader preaches about the New Amazons role in the future, while the other New Amazons would stand in organized rows, facing the preacher. All members in the ceremony do not wear clothing; nudity in the New Amazon religion represents fearlessness.

    Having served various clients, the New Amazons have accumulated enough funding for access to standard military equipment. Some religious members choose to fight topless or completely nude. When doing so, they often wear gas masks to conceal their identities. The New Amazons secretly possess and manufacture B.O.W.s, but in low numbers, and only using them for desperate measures.

    Since the year 2009 all New Amazons were given the option to be implanted with Styx, which would grant an individual immortality and a slight increase in strength, speed, reflexes, and recovery rate.

    Notable TechnologiesEdit

    In addition to the New Amazon's military equipment, Division Delta has given the mercenary organization new technologies that are highly used by many factions.

    Known membersEdit



    B.O.W EngineersEdit


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