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The pills of Harwood Xavier

"My meds, where are my meds"

-Harwood Xavier Ph.D

Neomorphotal was created some time in the 1970s by Dr. Harwood Xavier. The medicine acted as an a mental depressant and kept Dr. Xavier under control and stable. Though, due to an imperfect chemical balance in the drug, it is also very addictive and illegal in the United States. Side effects of the drug included obsessive compulsive disorder, mental spasms, muscle spasms, and halucinations.


New Neomorphotal

Neomorphotal, 2001

"This drug killed our mind and made us nothing but husks"

Dr. Vincent A. Wales

When productivity dropped on the island in 2000, Dr. Xavier mass produced the drug, transforming it into somewhat of a sugar pill to keep people awake. The doctors and scientists, at first were skeptical, took the pills and productivity rose. But the chemical imbalances were never fixed and quickly people on the island became overly obsessed with the pill, when the lines closed down and the pills stopped being mass produced, the staff went insane, it wasn't until the T-Virus outbreak that the transformations and mutations happened on Highwater Isle.

These pills can be seen in many desks and offices in the facilities "Living Quarters" and "Hospital Building". The reason may be that many people brought these pills to work and overdosed, which would explain the high death toll on Highwater Isle.

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