Miguel Del Rio
Date of Birth August 20th 1959
Date of Death October 9th 2009
Gender Male
Height 6'5'
Race/Ethnicity Cuban
Occupation Scientist who creaed a genetically modified potato crop
Marital status Was about to get engaged
Relative(s) Dallas Del Rio
Status Dead

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Miguel Del Rio is the main antagonist of Resident Evil:White Death which takes place in 2009. He is a tall 50 Year old cuban man with a mohawk, Cold green eyes and wears an eye piercing. Miguel Del RIo was born in the slums of havana cuba. His parents moved to Raccoon city. He then grew up to become a well known boxer winning many titles and had been rumored to be the number one contender for the welterweight champion, however his dreams come to an end when he is beaten by Champ Han Jeong and had his jaw severely shattered however he had plastic surgery to correct this. In 1982 he had his younger brother Dallas Del Rio, Kill Han Jeong with a chain saw which he did. 6 days later he then realizes his parents were killed by the Raccoon City Police department after they had killed a man for not paying protection as they refused to drop their weapons. Enraged del rio plotted revenge on Raccoon City. 27 years later he and his brother go to Hassan Hussein to give him the bombs filled with poison so they can target Raccoon City's water supply.When Claire Redfield investigates his fake charity, Poverty Sucks, she comes across a computer describing in full detail what Miguel plans to do. Miguels girlfriend, Fumiko[Who looks to be 43], than takes her to him where he straps her to a table with a bomb attached to her which will go off in 4 minutes. He then tasks his brother Dallas to watch her.However, he is overpowered by Claire who then meets up with Alex Jeong, Han Jeong's son who plans to get revenge on Miguel and dallas.They encounter Miguel who plans to use hs genetically modified potato crop which was pumped with sarin to fuel the bomb. He is killed when Claire deliberately splits his skull open with an axe, she then destroys the bombs with acid. He is the only villain which clare deliberatley kills

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