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Megan Barstow
Megan Barstow
Date of birth:April 4,2017
Blood type:A+
Height:5ft 6
Mass:120 lb
Occupation:Member of Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus
Appearances:The Division Delta Chronicles
Voice:Katherine Ross
Portrayer:Katherine Ross

"I work for Division Delta on both fronts, making weapons and firing them"

Megan Barstow was born on April 4,2017 in New Raccoon City. Her parents were George and Lacy Barstow, 2 political leaders who worked for the senate. She was educated at Oxford University in England and by her 20's became a recruit for Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus. She past basic and combat training as well as heavy combat and support training, also became a squad leader in her first simulator combat excercise. She was also known to be a magnificant pilot in simulated combat and actual combat exercises. She also met Michael Franklin Miller and was trained by his squad on how to use what she learned on the battlefield.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Megan Barstow is a well trained individual that is trained from hand to hand, all the way to melee and long ranged weapons. She is also an expert in weapons, ammunition and even vehicles, giving her an edge on the battlefield. She is also known for her combative strategic mind and even an ace pilot in both simulation and actual aircraft.


She is very into art and likes making anything that she puts her mind too. She is also an expert in any aircraft schematics from the past all the way to the present. Her favorite past time is also researching the paranormal and became the leading military scientist at Area 51.


As of 2036, Megan has been in a relationship with Derek Armstrong, a squad leader at Area 51.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

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