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May June
Date of birth:May 19, 1980
Height:185 cm (6'1")
Race/Nationality:African American
Occupation:D.S.O. agent (?-2008), HBBSF operative (2007- )

May June is a former D.S.O. agent of the United States and is currently Ayana Hamontree's assistant.

Biography Edit

May June was sent by the government on a long-term solo mission to investigate a long-abandoned beach after the latter received information on a potential illegal B.O.W. market. She found a cabin where she was dragged into by a licker's tongue. The licker raped her and was soon joined by three zombies in the assault. When the creatures were finished, May killed them. She eventually found Ayana Hamontree, who created these zombies, and demanded why these zombies acted the way they did. A licker immediately lunged at May from the side, forcing her to turn to it. The creature knocked her to the ground and assaulted her just as the previous licker did. Three more lickers arrived, with two of them waiting behind the first. The fourth licker began mating with Hamontree, who told May that she will not become a zombie, but will find out what will happen to her soon. Hamontree then left May to all four lickers, who fell asleep from exhaustion. When May awoke, the lickers were gone, but she still continued her search.

May surveyed the beach for another two weeks. By this time, she realized that she was pregnant, but kept this information secret. It was also about this time that she located a Tricell facility. May was able to infiltrate the facility undetected, in spite of her pregnancy. However, the pregnancy began holding May back, forcing her to find a safe spot to rest. May initially watched in horror as she began to give birth to an Armisael larva and was too much in pain to reach for her gun. Once the creature left her body, it personally pulled out its placenta and severed its umbilical cord. Too exhausted to do anything, May watched the creature climb onto her body and then feed on her breast milk. Deciding now that the creature was harmless, May decided to leave it be.

Once May regained her strength, she continued with her mission, leaving the Armisael larva where it was born. May was then able to obtain files related to B.O.W.s, but doing so triggered the facility’s alarm. May successfully avoided Tricell guards for several minutes, but eventually found herself cornered. Just when all seemed lost, an adult Armisael appeared and attacked the Tricell guards. When the first Tricell guard was killed from having his flesh burned away by acid, two smaller versions of Armisael adults erupted from his mutilated corpse and began attacking the other guards. Soon, other guards also had pairs of mini-adult-Armisael erupting from their corpses when killed by the original Armisael. After all the guards in the area were killed, the mini-adult-Armisael collapsed and died. At first, May fired upon the Armisael, but ceased her fire when the creature did not attack her. She realized that it was her child, which became an adult. With the creature in front, May made her way out of the facility, while the facility's self-destruct sequence was activated. Unfortunately, the number of rampant B.O.W.s made it impossible for May to be able to escape in time, and to make matters worse, May had lost her headset in the chaos. Knowing this, the Armisael dug a tunnel beneath the ground, urging its mother to follow. The facility exploded, with both May and the Armisael safe far beneath the surface.

May resurfaced with no way to contact her superiors. It was not long before Hamontree found May, who grudgingly thanked Hamontree for her "help" on a mission she would have otherwise died in. Seeing that May was exceptional in combat, Hamontree offered the agent to join the Hamontree-Barnes Biotechnologies Security Forces, having originally considered on killing May for seeing too much. With little choice, May joined Hamontree's fighting force, effectively faking her death to those who knew her. Although May initially disliked Hamontree, she eventually valued her as a close friend, having always sealed her end of any deal. Hamontree also trusted May enough to have her as the second-in-command of the HBBSF, just under Stella Havel.

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