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A Mafdet

According to the Knight Files, The Mafdet, also known as an L-CAT, is another one of Roderick Lazarus' creations. It is the first confirmed use of the viral agent T-Synth in an experiment. Lazarus originally wanted to see the effect of that the T-Virus had on domestic cats. The result was a hideous abomination that had tumours all over it's body, impairing it's ability to move. In order to see the effect of T-Synth, Lazarus combined the DNA of a cat with the T-Virus, and then added in the T-Synth. The result was spectacular. The cat had increased muscle tissue, which gave more power and allowed it to run faster for longer periods of time. It was the Mafdet that made the T-Synth one of Lazarus' prize creations, as it proved that a cat could be successfully blended with the T-Virus. Attempts were made to domesticate the Mafdet, which were mass-produced, but he creatures proved to be too dangerous to work with, as they would violently attack their handlers. Only a handful of Mafdet were successfully trained, but even then they had a habit of letting their instincts guide them, often disobeying their keepers with violent results. Combat Data on Mafdet shows that they tend to attack in small groups, led by an Alpha Mafdet. It is not known whether Mafdets can reproduce, although it has not been seen, it is generally beleived that they can. There have been no reccorded sightings or reports of Mafdets. According to a source in the Knight Files, the Mafdet were to be left in decommisioned facilities, as a failsafe. The Mafdet was originaly intended to defend Lazarus' facility in Raccoon City, but Lazarus considered this too much of a waste of a good specimen. Lazarus left behind a hastily created Tyrant, named The Stalwart, to defend his facility.

In GamesEdit

The Mafdet will make their first game appearance in the collaborativly created fannon game, Resident Evil: Fall of Lazarus.

The Mafdet also appear in Resident Evil: Failsafe.

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