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Date of
Created via:Red Queen "sister" computer
Height:10 feet tall
Length:14 feet wide
Purpose:Monitoring students


--MOTHER after Charles attempts to gather information.

The MOTHER Computer System was a highly advanced and self - aware Umbrella supercomputer built on the side from the Red Queen's processing system. (It was considered a sister computer, almost). While Red Queen was constructed for Umbrella's Primary Research, MOTHER was created for the school of Umbrella Academy Prep. The task of this supercomputer was to monitor the student's grades, health records and so forth. Also, MOTHER was designed to carry blood samples of each student to keep record of anything that would interest Spencer in the later run. The computer is also equipped with a voice chip, much like the Red Queen.

During the events of End of Days, MOTHER is seen only a few times. She is contained in the lower basement floors that are only accessible through a secret wall by the Umbrella "teachers". The computer herself is capable of accessing every vital detail regarding the children at the school, even if the records are considered confidential. The MOTHER system does contain a security fail - safe should it ever be confiscated by outside sources; it can completely self - destruct by frying its own central core and erasing every bit of data on record. Of course, Umbrella had fallen after the fact, so there was no need to go looking anyway.

MOTHER's primary functions are almost similar to the Red Queen's. In such emergencies, if there is the possibility of intruders, MOTHER will activate primary weapon systems throughout the school to protect the children. These weapons systems are merely used for pacification and nothing more.

When Umbrella had fallen bankrupt in 2003, MOTHER was confiscated by the United States Government hours after her self - destruct. The fate of the computer remains unknown. The school that had housed the super computer was immediately shut down.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "MOTHER" was inspired by the super computer featured in the Playstation game Galerians, based off of the computer Dorothy who "mothered" and "nurtured" superhuman beings.
  • The self - destruct code listed on the computer's screen is "AW12 - 0003 ERR"
  • Interesting to note is that when MOTHER was created, it seems that she doesn't take orders from any other Umbrella employee other than Alex Wesker himself. This is proven in End of Days when Charles attempts to get information from the computer and she fails to respond.
  • MOTHER stands for Maternal Observation Treatment of Human Experimental Research

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