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Lydia River
Lydia River

Location:Newark City
Establishment:Unknown. Possibly 1668.
Notable events:t2 Virus infection
Current status:Unknown

  • This article is a part of the Code Genesis Continuity.

The Lydia River was a river running through Newark City and into the harbor from the Sleeping Forest. Upriver, a dam has been constructed to supply the city with water and power. This location is visited briefly in Resident Evil: Genesis Chronicles, but only mentioned and seen briefly throughout the rest of the continuity.

History Edit

The Lydia River was supposedly traveled down by Michael Graham as it would have been the only safe way to enter the colony at the time. It was supposedly named after the wife of Robert Milford, Lydia Milford.

In 1980, the council of Newark City agreed to drop its 17-year fight to build a pumped-storage hydroelectricity facility through the mountains of Sleeping Forest.

Trivia Edit

  • The river was named after a childhood friend of the author.
  • Throughout the game, Lydia River can be seen with various SCU posters put up on posts and signs.
  • In the Viral Series, Rose remarks that she loves trying to go for a swim into a river named after the wife of a man who died of colon cancer while looking for samples. It is believed that was the cause of Robert Milford's death.

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