This article, Luisa Escalera, was written by Mister 83. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

250px in max
Luisa Escalera
Date of Birth October 5 1979
Date of Death Unknown
Gender Female
Height 5ft 2in
Race/Ethnicity Hispanic
Marital status Single or is she???
Relative(s) Mother(???) Father(Alive) 3 brothers( all alive) 1 sister(deceased)
Status Alive

Luisa Escalera is a minor character that will be appearing Resident Evil: Gambit. Her and Aiden seem to know each other but as of now the exact nature of there reletionship is a mystery(meaning its unknown if they like each other or not)


She is the first female character created by the The user Mister 83

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