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File:Lloyd Carr.jpg
"See ya later, soldier boy. I've been told not to see your ugly mug again."

-Lloyd Carr to Allen as the helicopter takes off

Lloyd Carr is the pilot of Charlie Squadron. He flies a CH-47 Chinook transport which delivers Charlie Squadron into Aku-Bakr. His skin is carcausian and his voice seems to hold some New York tone to it. Unbeknowst to Charlie Squadron, Lloyd is under the payroll of Umbrella and is hired by them to make sure that Charlie Squadron or any known human survivor doesn't leave the village. He only appears at the "Golden Demons" base with a crashed helicopter and his face impaled on to the steering wheel, an ID Badge will be hanging from his pocket that reads UBCS Pilot and will give you access into the base.


His clothing style is not much of a military pilots attire. He wears a tanish t-shirt with a bullet-proof vest, a pair of cameo pants and tan boots. He wears a orange trucker cap and a radio hangs from his vest, his build isn't muscular but rather kind of scrawny. He has brown hair and a brown bear, his eye color is a hazel color.

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