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Lisa Trevor
Date of death:Unknown
Appearances:Resident Evil: Remake

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Resident Evil: Inferno

Portrayer:Summer Glau

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"Lisa, what do they do when they take you?"

-Claire, when she talks to Lisa for the first time during a flashback.

Lisa Trevor is a fictional character from Resident Evil: Inferno, portrayed by Summer Glau. She is one of the few patients at the facility who seems to form a friendship with Claire. She appears to be around seventeen years old, though her exact age is unknown given the fact that she does not speak.

It is unknown just how long she had spent her time at the facility, but it is believed to be a while because Claire believes that they'd been "doing things to her" because she appears to get "worse and worse" with every "session". It's not certain whether or not she escaped the facility before its destruction given the fact that she is gone when the others awaken at the sound of the alarm.

Background Edit

Lisa's background is for the most part, shadowed in mystery. The only known information about her is when Claire had asked about her history or where her parents had been, Lisa simply made a gesture to her stomach and mimed stabbing herself. When asked about her father, she puts a finger to her head like a gun and pretends to shoot herself. When Claire asks what happened exactly, Lisa doesn't reply.

Personality Edit

Lisa is mostly quiet and collected, but she shows signs of being extremely intelligent and her cell is covered from wall to wall with mathematical equations and other various designs. She appears to enjoy it when Claire talks to her and always nods and makes hand gestures when she wants to communicate. She seems to be annoyed with the new arrivals and is often content with how things are. Though she is obviously an experiment, she doesn't seem to object to this at all.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, Lisa was not to make an appearance, but she was added later in order to provide additional character support.
  • She does not mutate.
  • Interesting to note, Umbrella does perform tests on her, though she shows no signs of negative changes which is why she is kept alive as long as she is. The only thing that seems to change are her eyes which appear to be dead and lifeless.

Appearances Edit

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