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Ling Tsai Ping
Date of Birth August 16th 1950[Age 60]
Date of Death N\A
Gender Female
Height 4'11'
Race/Ethnicity Chinese
Occupation Head of the Scorpia Syndicates Public Relations Department
Marital status Had a Husband who she killed
Relative(s) She killed her family when she was 48
Status Dead

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Ling Tsai Ping is the head of the scorpia syndicates Public Relations Department.she is an emotionless woman who takes sadistic pleasure in scorpias killing of innocent men and women.She also admires Chairman Mao and keeps pictures of him in her house. She also smiles when Claire is thrown into a room which is slowly being deprived of Oxygen.However claire breaks out and invetigates Scorpia member Raymond Fallah.She was supposed to keep guard and actually shows fear at what will happen to her.Her fears are confirmed true when Albert Wesker sends his pet tiger to maul her to death which it does.

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