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Date of
Created via:Hyper-evolution virus infection
Based:Carnivorous caterpillar
Length:~10 meters

The Lindworm was a Carnivorous caterpillar-based bioweapon developed by Charles Burr and his research team of the Steel Chariots using the Hyper-evolution virus.


In their only appearance in Resident Evil: Hyper-Evolution, Lindworms are one of the two stationary enemies, the other being Dreki Nests, and begin appearing in Chapter 3-1. A Lindworm will remain stationary and hidden until approached, in which its upper body will lunge at and grab the player character. The said character can escape or be saved by the partner character, but must be freed within moments or the Lindworm decapitates the player character with its jaws. It is advised to take out Lindworms from a distance where they cannot reach, if spotted ahead of time. They are somewhat durable but pose no threat to those beyond their reach. When shot in the head, a Lindworm will receive quadruple the damage it would normally receive. A Lindworm has 2500 HP on Normal difficulty, 5000 HP on Veteran difficulty, and 25,000 HP on Professional difficulty, and its weak spot is the center of its head. The Lindworm's entire body, however, is treated as a weak spot to weapons with Level 0 Piercing.


  • Grab - The Lindworm grabs the player character if the latter enters where it can reach. If not shaken off in time, the Lindworm decapitates the player with its jaws, instantly killing him/her. This attack can be sidestepped.

When a Lindworm kills the player's character, it will continue to eat the character's body starting with the neck.

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