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Licker G
Licker G

Date of
Created via:Licker β in lab conditions
Purpose:Marketable B.O.W.


The Licker β was injected with the E-virus. It grew a tail, eyes, and basicly mutated the entire body. The only down side was that the claws srunk. It was gassed and cloned. The creator desided to double the price of the licker due to the intelligence and strength.


Atarye named it after the man who injected it with the virus, Gary Bongard, the fact that it has a long tongue of course, and how are people suppose to know that it is an improvement of the licker.

First test

The Licker G was unleashed on Jake Graevf and his team. Even though it was smart, fast, and strong - Graevf shot it in the head, killing it after it took a BSAA agent with it.
Licker G 001

The Licker killing a man

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