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Date of
September 2000
Created via:t-virus infection

  • This article is a part of the Inferno continuity.

"Oh shit! It's that nasty bastard with the long ass tongue!!"

-LJ's remark on the Licker.

In the live-action films, the Licker is created by directly injecting the T-virus into a live human tissue, the licker could also evolve after consuming fresh human tissue that could increase the infection rate, causing the victim to mutate. This happened to Matt Addison, who was later used by Umbrella in the Nemesis Program. Lickers appeared in Resident Evil, and Resident Evil: Apocalypse, but did not make any appearance in the later film Resident Evil: Extinction.

In Inferno, the facility that Alfred had once been in charge of had been secretly testing these creatures below. Once he had released them, Carlos and his friends had to do battle with a few who appeared inside the greenhouse area that they had to pass through in order to reach the underground facility. They are terminated and whether or not there were more remains uncertain after the facility was eventually destroyed.

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