Gory storm 001

g-type specimen

Gory storm 002

a t and plagas type

Gory storm 003

a nemesis and a u type

This article, Leviathan Project, was written by Gobi-Aoi. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Leviathan is a project created by the Renacimiento Research Company.

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Created Unknown
Created By Renacimiento
Creation Experimental
Based Viral and parasites administration in blue whale specimens
Height/Length 35m+
Purpose To create an anti-ship B.O.W
Status Active/Success

== Specimens ==


Leviathan G-type ===

Created from G-virus administration in a blue whale specimen, the mutation turned the host into a blob-like creature capable of absorbing other lifeforms and gave it the ability of mass reproduction. Totally immune to any carryable weapon, it can be barely damaged by large torpedoes, which makes them perfect for naval use.


Leviathan T-type ===

Created from T-virus administration in a blue whale specimen, the mutation (unlike g-type's) barely enlarged the host's body in a few meters (which is not small considering the size of such host), another difference between the types is the host's agressivity, while the g-type will just absorb whatever stands on their way, the t-type will have an enormous thirst for blood, killing everything it can detect, it's caused by a constant pain which the host will feel for all of it's lifetime.


Leviathan Plaga-type ===

Created from Las Plagas administration in a blue whale specimen, the mutation barely changed the host's physical appearance, but it became way too aggressive to be used, the company attempted to destroy the five specimens, but failed, killing just four of them, the last specimen managed to escape and is now free in the sea. The four killed had a Las Plagas specimen of at least 20 meters lenght, which gave the company's idea for a future experiment with Las Plagas parasite.


Leviathan NE-type ===

Created from NE-α Parasite and T-virus administration in a blue whale specimen, the mutation enlarged the host's body in a several meters, this B.O.W can also be controlled by a computer program (like Nemesis), making the NE-type the ultimate success of the Leviathan Project, the NE-type's mass production will start soon.


Leviathan U-type ===

Created from U-virus administration in a blue whale specimen, the mutation has practically divided the host's body in tentacles, deforming it completelly, it absorbed all the living things on the facility and growed bigger and stronger, the company sent troops to eliminate it but it was too late, the u-type has ocuppied the whole low levels. The survivor employees exploded the facility from inside, buring the creature in the deep seas.

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