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Leon s kennedy theme song

Leon's Theme in The Mercenaries

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Jacob and Claire
"O noes, zombeezz!"

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Leon Scott Kennedy
Date of Birth 1977
Date of Death Unknow
Gender Male
Height 187 cm
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation B.S.T.A.R.S. Member
Marital status Married
Relative(s) Unkow Kennedy (Father), Sara B. Kennedy (mother) , Mikayla H. Kennedy (Sister)
Status Alive


"I cant tell i did the same whit her"

Leon to Chris


Leon was born in Washington D.C. he is the son of the U,S president.

He was a Rookie police and the corusly is that he was only cop in only a day.

Leon was send to Raccoon City to contain the Outbreak he met Chris Little Sister Claire Redfield and they face the Tyrant.

Then in 2004 he was send to recue the missing presidents daughter and he face and new virus called las plagas, he managed to scape there.


The "P" Incident:

In 2007 he and his partner Jessica were send to contain a new Virus developed by Vector and his team. Jessica and Leon managed to scape of the new virus Outbreak, then Leon says to Jessica "Please Jessica come whit me, to the U.S." but Jessica says "Sorry Leon Europe is me homeland i will never betray it" and Leon answers "Ok Jessica i understand" th
Leon 4

Leon whit his R.P.D. Costume

en as the camera goes Away Jessica kisses Leon in the mouth.


Leon Scott Kennedy

Leon as seen in RE: The nightmare is born

Leon S. Kennedy has appear in a variety of games, many of this games he is dresed like in the image


Relasionships whit other characters:

"Ah Fuck whit all your Jokes!"- Leon to Vector after Vector Joked whit him.

"No Jess!"- Leon after Jessica Fell down in a trap.

"Come on bro"- Leon to Josh after leaving the base whit Jessica.

"Take this you freak!"- Leon after shooting Vector P form whit a granade launcher.

"Please Jessica come whit me to the U.S."- Leon to Jessica after scaping the base in Alaska.

"See and hear..... YOU AND YOUR FUCKING BITHCES DONT INTIMIDATE ME!" - Leon in his firt encontrer whit Vector.

"I.....I....I never thought i will see you again in me life but im not glad to....."- Leon to Ada.

Sorry Captain but that are my orders


  • Leon whit Krauser
  • Leon in RE4
  • Leon during the 1998 outbreak
  • Leon dresed as cop

Leon in Disclousers

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