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Leon S. Kennedy
Date of birth:1977
Blood type:A
Height:178 cm
Mass:70.2 kg
Occupation:Government Agent/Secret Service
Appearances:Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil: 4

Resident Evil: 6

Resident Evil: Degeneration

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Resident Evil Damnation

Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Rise of Uroboros

Voice:Paul Mercier
Portrayer:Brad Renfro (RE2 ad)
Mocap:Teruaki Ogawa (RE4)

RC Ormond (RED)

Leon S. Kennedy was a rookie RPD officer who arrive at Raccoon City for his first day of job. However, he must face the reality, the outbreak of the deadly T-Virus in Raccoon City. He team up with Claire Redfield and escape Raccoon City before it destroyed by the Government. Then he accept to be a Government Agent based on his experience with zombies and B.O.W

Oldston OutbreakEdit

"I'm here to take a day off, not to deal with this nightmare again! Why is Umbrella always making trouble around the globe!? I'm getting out from here!"

- Leon, complaining about the outbreak after he is almost killed by the infected

After the Harvardville Incident, and some difficult missions around the globe, Leon request a day off, which the government agree. He travels to Oldston, and reserve a hotel. He travels around the city, not noticing that there is a woman police officers tailing him around the city.

Before Leon fall asleep, the police officer knock on the door, revealing herself as Jennifer Queen. She tell Leon about some people with pale skins wandering around the city. Leon tells Jennifer maybe they was just sick, and Leon invites her to his room for a night.

The next morning, sirens from outside wakes Leon up. He is completly shocked when he see burning cars, hundreds of infected charging into the hotel, passing through police barricades. Leon and Jennifer prepare to leave the hotel, until an Uroboros tentacle hit Leon, throwing Leon through the walls. He is ambushed by the infected civilians, but Jennifer save Leon's life. They proceed downstairs, fighting of Lickers and infected civilians along the way down.

Outside the hotel, Leon and Jennifer see a Nemesis u-Type. They opened fire at it, resuting the Nemesis' attention to them. Leon and Jennifer run through the street, while avoiding Uroboros projectiles and infected civilians. Eventually, they meet up with a BSAA squad, and split near a warehouse. Leon and Jennifer break in, and kill every Lickers in that building. The Nemesis break through and they have a brief fight before a BSAA squad breach in the warehouse. The Nemesis hit the squad and destroy the pillars, resulting the building to collapse.

Before the Nemesis could impale Leon, Jennifer shoot the Nemesis, resulting it's attention to her. Leon use his knife to cut the tentacles that are holding him. Leon and Jennifer run to Oldston's park, but they fall into the Umbrella's main lab. They proceed to the hangar, seeing a plane just takes off from the hangar.

Leon, with the help of half-mutated Jennifer, destroy the Nemesis once and for all. After a while, Leon is forced to kill the mutated Jennifer before she could kill him. Leon escape the city through an escape pod just before the government destroy the city with a nuclear explosion.

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