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The Legion virus is created through intensive research with various viral weaponry and many deadly diseases that are known to humans.At first,it was created as a vaccine to all kinds of diseases,but when the creators of this virus saw it's military potential,they started to manufacture it into a mutagen superior to any of Umbrella's top viral genes - T,G,Veronica and Progenitor viruses. The Legion causes sporadic and horrific mutations like the other viruses,but unlike the T or G,it changes the human being in a matter of seconds.When the carrior gets infected,he starts to bleed unstoppably internaly and externaly.Then,the victims skin becomes crimson red and he turns into a creature more agile,quicker,stronger and aggressive.It's unknown how the virus mutates the human on a microscopic level,since all the researches about this virus are deeply closed away.It's also unknown if the virus can be controlled like the T,G or Veronica viruses.There is also no known vaccine to this bio-disease.

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