Lawrence "Chet" Barrett
Wayne haas
Date of birth:May 22 1997 Adams, South Carolina at Boreal Medical Center
Blood type:B positive
Height:5ft 9
Occupation:CEO/President of Cipher Militia, founder/chairman of the Prometheus Foundation

"Free will is a myth, and Religion is a joke."-Lawrence to Garret Latimer

Lawrence "Chet" Barrett(, born James Park; May 22 1997) is an atheistic schizophrenic brutal and violent and Anarchy Activist and Cipher Militia leader . As leader of Cipher Militia forces , Barret is a proponent of conventional and asymmetrical warfare.

Barrett is a major opponent of the development of Apeture-Blume Labs's Rift-Incision Device 4.0 research program - known as the RID4 Program, and suggested his primary concern was the health risks posed to technicians. However, it is suspected that his strong stance against the RID4 Program was in response to having lost his sister, who was a member of the 3.0 research project, through unknown circumstances involving a Rift.


He is also shown to be highly abusive of his subordinates with him kicking his second in command off a helicopter and nearly drowning him in a pool. Despite such brutality, Barrett showed his intelligence by being able to deduce accurately the tactics that the GN Forces utilized in their intervention of the Taelic civil war. At one point, Barret began to sing "When You're Evil" by Voltaire while a group of Cipher commandos began to kill every armed Taelic soldier on both sides.

He is also master planner, and always has a contingency in the event that something goes awry. As if without conscience , he will kill for no reason at all. Barrett has killed many civilians and military personnel, and he also wants to be the one who kills Garret Latiner. He doesn't likes to be told what to do, he was seen even killing some members of the Cipher Militia who gave him indications.

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