City Police Station

The Lakeview City Police Department Garden Heights Station In 2003 Prior To The Outbreak

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"This Is The United States Army, We Are Evacuating Civilians From The Garden Heights Police Station. All Civilians Are To Report To The Station And Wait For Law Enforcement Instructions. This Message Will Repeat"
―US Army Recorded Message

The Lakeview City Police Department Garden Heights Station was the main station in Lakeview City from which the Lakeview City Police Department operated. During the 2003 T-Virus outbreak, it was overrun by Zombies and left many survivors trapped inside.


City Police Station Outbreak

The Lakeview City Police Department Garden Heights Station During The Final Days Of The Outbreak After Being Overrun

The station itself was based off of an old factory, the oldest in the city, that had been renovated when the city was founded to become the station. It had a large garage section, made to hold the large number of Ford Crown Victoria Interceptors and the few Lenco BearCats that the SWAT team used. It's floors consisted of around 40 offices, with the largest, nearest the main entrance pillars, being the chief of police's. The armory was located on the top floor, so as to avoid looting in riots, with the rest of the rooms being either recreational or dispatch offices. In the 2003 outbreak, the police department had to take refuge inside the station, alongside a good number of citizens as well, when the outbreak became massively out of control. On the 11th of January, a few days into the outbreak, the US Army made contact with the refugees, promising to evacuate them. That morning, however, a horde of infected swarmed the station, overrunning the defenders and swamping the station. The few whom survived either fled the station, a good example being Danny Wilks, Andrew Paulson and Franko Big, or hid inside. It was ultimately liberated by US forces on the 17th of January.

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