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"Jesus Shit, Pull Out God Dammit, Pull Out, We're Being Over Run!"
―Police Dispatch Officer In 2003 Outbreak
City Police Department Logo

Lakeview City Police Department Logo In 2003

The Lakeview City Police Department, or LCPD for short, was the main body of law enforcement in Lakeview City. It was also the force that saw the most destruction and chaos during the 2003 T-Virus outbreak in the city


The department itself was set up in the 1950s, during the city's founding off of the former town, rising up from a fomer sheriff department with only 15 active officers to a force envisaged of 300 active officers, with a fruther 120 part time positions. During the 1970s and 1980s, the department became very corrupt due to constant bribes from Umbrella Corporation, the main financier of the city and,
City Police Car

Lakeview City Police Department Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor In 2003

coincidentally, the source of the officer's retirement fund. The police force, however, still maintained a good look in the public eye, due to it's refusal to accept bribes from known criminals. However, the force was known to later let these criminals out if they took up a job with Umbrella, namely the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. In the 1990s, specifically 1998 following the Raccoon City Incident, questions began to arise about Umbrella's moral and ethics, leading to a few short investigations which ended with subsequent boosts to certain paychecks. In 2003, during the outbreak, the department was stretched to breaking point, with whole areas being abandoned either due to fear of infection, loss of power, destruction and mass rioting or, as seen later, hordes of Zombies overrunning areas. The department was forced to withdraw it's units until they were finally penned in the Lakeview City Police Department Garden Heights Station, the main station for the department. On the 11th, with US Army forces promising rescue to all citizens and officers inside the department, a large horde burst into the station, trapping some civilians and officers inside different sections whilst forcing others to evacuate. Hundreds of officers and even more civilians died as a result of this. By the end of the infection, the 17th of January, the last few survivors inside were rescued by US forces. The department was re-organized following the outbreak, although it never quite regained it's reputation following the revelation that Umbrella had been responsible for the city's destruction and that it gave bribes to the once formidable department.
City Police Officer

Lakeview City Police Department Officer In 2003


The department made use of four departments, as listed below:

  • LCPD SWAT Team: The team was made up of a few well trained officers with special weapons training and advanced tactics. They fell apart when the station fell, either fallingll to the infected or hiding in other areas of the station or city.
  • LCPD Patrol Unit: These were the regular units, often assigned with the glamorous work of patrolling the city streets in searches for criminal activity. These made up the bulk of the departments forces, and were therefore hit hardest during the outbreak.
  • LCPD Aerial Unit: This branch made use of helicopters to patrol the skies of the city and, during the outbreak, evacuate citizens. All of
    City Investigator 1

    Lakeview City Police Department Crime Investigation Squadron Member In 2003

    these helicopters were either destroyed or were simply lost during the outbreak.
  • LCPD Crime Investigation Squadron: Made up of specialized investigators, this neatly wrapped organized crime prevention and anti-drug trafficking branches into one group, at far less the cost of running two individual branches.


The LCPD made use of many specialized equipment and vehicles, with a number of them being seen by survivors during the outbreak. The main patrol car for the department was the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, though the department made use of Chevrolet Caprice cars for it's Crime Investigation Squadron. The SWAT Team used the Lenco BearCat, though these were totally destroyed or severely damaged during the outbreak. As a uniform, regular officers wore navy-blue jackets over darker sweaters, complete with the usual hat of any American police force. The investigators on the other hand usually wore suits with dark gloves, usually with ear pieces. The Aerial Unit wore very much the same as the regular patrol officers, though they usually wore flight helmets whilst flying and also carried parachutes in case of emergency, whilst the SWAT usually wore all black bodysuits complete with kevlar vests and sometimes backpacks, with helmets and balaclavas for protection. As for firearms, the police force's mainstay sidearm was the Berreta 92 handgun regularly carried by patrol officers and investigators alike, though the Mossberg 500 was sported in emergencies. The SWAT Team used M16 rifles and Benneli M3 shotguns.

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