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City Skyline

Lakeview City In 2003

Lakeview City was a large, sprawling semi-industrialized city in the United States of America founded in the 1950s that was largely reliant on commerce brought in from tourism and it's small industry. It was named after the large lake in which the main river ran into. The city was involved in an outbreak in January 2003 following a failed special forces raid against an Umbrella Corporation facility, then subsequently retaken by US Army units.


The city itself, founded in 1952, was built off of a semi-industrialised town that's burgeoning populace led to the town being transformed into a city. The city was ahead of most others, in the sense that it offered free healthcare to all residents from the St. Juliana Hospital and a modern and well-equipped police dept, the Lakeview City Police Department. The city's development was slow, though in the 1970s it's progressive expansion boomed under the watchful influence of Umbrella Corporation, namely to further it's goals in the lucrative trade of Bio-Organic Weapons. Politicians and Civil Servants were often bribed heavily to influence their decisions in the favour of Umbrella, sometimes even turning their backs on senior civil servants who questioned Umbrella. Their ruthlessness was, surprisingly, unnoticed by the citizens of the city, who were too busy reaping the rewards of their succesful partnership with Umbrella. In the 1980s, Umbrella began experimentation with the unstable T-Virus, bringing in researchers from across the world to aid with this endeavour. The 1990s were relatively 'quiet' in terms of Umbrella activity, except for the tragic dissapearance of anti-Umbrella politicians running for the office of mayor, with Dwight J. Richards, a politico friendly with Umbrella, becoming elected in a landslide victory.

2003 Outbreak (Beginning)Edit

Following the outbreak in Raccoon City and the subsequent 'muffling' of the impact by the US Government, Umbrella hid it's activities from local media hubs. Only a rare few people bothered to investigate Umbrella, usually out of curiosity into more effective pharmaceutical products or discounts. Ultimately, the government's curiosity peaked at the resources going into the city. In 2002, with Umbrella choking on a proverbial noose held by the US, Umbrella pushed it's resources into hidden facilities, facilities such as the one in Lakeview, hoping to hide it's activities quickly from
City Outbreak Pic 2

Civilians Fleeing The Main Park In The City Suburbs During The Outbreak Of 2003

the US. This tactic failed, with several documents leaking to the US Government and related agencies, prompting the Central Intelligence Agency to investigate. In 2003, a mere month prior to the collapse of Umbrella, US Special Operations Command ordered Navy SEALSoperatives to storm the city's facility, due to the largely waterfront-based facility. This was problematic, as was to be seen first-hand later. The facility was merely guarded by Private Institution Soldier armed with a few AR-15 rifles and Berreta 92 pistols. The SEALS dispatched the security force with ease, but also destroyed T-Virus samples, the liquid virus pouring out into the labs drainage system, leading straight out into the river. Containment procedures in the facility activated, Under Taker B.O.Ws awakening and promptly killing-off the SEALS, hunting them individually inside of the locked down facility. The last operator, an unknown individual, was finally killed off on the 5th of January, murdered in a sealed corridor, unaware of the now reanimated corpses of his colleagues. The virus, though it had disolved in the water two days afterwards, had done it's damage. The water supply, also coming from the river, had infected a quarter of the populace, though the symptoms were identified quickly. Umbrella took charge of dealing with the spread, unfeeling and uncaring in their dealing with the viral spread, even ordering police units to shoot infected citizens in their beds. Terrified and horrified infectees began to hide their symptoms for fear of death, succumbing to the virus and being reanimated as Zombies or spreading the virus further through indirect contact. Face masks were issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to citizens in their thousands, prompting the government banning access to the city, cutting off contact with goverment in the city. Though serious, order still remained, with Umbrella's grip of fear over the city prompting doubts over their once friendly face. The real problem began on the 7th of January when the first combined attacks by infected occured. Then the rioting began.

2003 Outbreak (During)Edit

City Outbreak Pic 3

The T-Virus Outbreak Of 2003

As rioting swept across the city, the police department lost control, their remaining authority relegated to a few miles outside of the Garden Heights Police Station with all officers outside of the newly formed front line either on their own or trapped. Panicking civilians armed themselves with whatever weapons they could find, ranging from cooking utensils to improvised explosives. The citizens Danny Wilks, Andrew Paulson and Franko Big took refuge in Danny's apartment building on January 8th, armed with a selection of Berreta pistols looted from fallen police officers. Suzy Jenkins and Lizzie Anne, two citizens inside of the main district of the city, the Waterfront District, were trapped inside the L'Hôtel Grand Paris and were hunted throughout the day by a deranged Umbrella scientist intent on turning the two into siamese twins through horrific methods. The media outlets still active in the city barred themselves in their respective buildings and broadcast pictures to the US public, prompting the government to take decisive action. The United States Northern Command deployed forces to assault the infected city, in the hopes of rescuing survivors and beating back infected individuals on the 9th of January. On that day, the police
US Army M2 Bradley Firing

US Army M2 Bradley Attacking Infected During The Outbreak

force launched an operation in the hopes of retaking the now overrun St. Juliana Hospital with a small force of squad cars and a few commandeered vans. The operation was somewhat of a success, although a number of officers became trapped in the hospital after their cars became trapped in amongst wreckage. Meanwhile, the US Army had managed to penetrate into the city, crossing the river bridge with a number of units from the 1st Armored Division breaching into whole hordes of infected. At around midnight, Suzy Jenkins and Lizzie Anne managed to kill the scientist who had been hunting them, running him over in a hotwired car. The two managed to make their way to military forces near the bridge before being rescued by said units. Danny Wilks, Andrew Paulson and Franko Big however were less lucky as on January 10th their shelter burnt to the ground, leaving them forced to take shelter in the bereaved police station. On the 11th, around midnight, US forces made contact with the police station, promising rescue, but by this time it was too late. The police station fell in the early morning, a mist across the city providing cover for an infected horde to destroy the final barricades. Police officers fled in all directions, leaving Danny, Andrew and Franko fleeing into the subway, in turn accessing the hidden facility through the damaged subway line. Their they were once again forced to take refuge in a sealed laboratory against the Under Taker B.O.Ws whom had recently cleared the facility. The evacuation of civilians by the army was hampered by the bureacratic minds of Washington, leaving little for the Army to do in apart from attempt to fight the infected on a defensive.

2003 Outbreak (Climax)Edit

By the 17th of January, although media in the city had stopped broadcasting due to loss of power or simplly being overrun, the publ
City Outbreak Pic 1

A Number Of Police Officers Shooting At Infected

ic of the US began to protest against the lack of action being done to take the city, prompting the government to send it's forces in one final push. Ark Thompson, a detective, was sent by a client in the US government to collect information about the city's outbreak. He was informed of the SEALS mission prior, and the client made a point of him going down to investigate the facility. Prompted into doing this, he discovered the facility's secrets and the three trapped residents still hidden inside. During an audacious battle with the Under Taker B.O.Ws, all three citizens escaped as Ark detonated several key point using explosive charges the SEALS had been unable to use. The four managed to then escape the city in a motorboat formerly used by the police by the waterfront area of the facility. Meanwhile, US Army forces, having seen the massive explosion caused by the facility's destruction, followed it to discover the facility's remains and hidden catacombs. Luckily, Ark had had the foresight to take some of the incriminating documents with him. The US Army managed to retake the police station and rescue the few people still inside. The police officers inside the St. Juliana Hospital escaped in a commandeered ambulance, escaping from the rear whilst US Army forces rushed the front. By the end of the disaster, atleast 7,899 casualties were reported amongst the civilian populace, with a furhter 304 police force casualties and 456 US forces also amongst the dead. Umbrella Corporation involvement leaked out before US government sources could block it, leading to the even quicker demise of Umbrella just a few weeks later.

Important LocationsEdit

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