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Kyung Kwan
Kyung Kwan
Date of birth:August 3,1990
Blood type:A+
Height:5ft 7
Mass:145 lb
Race/Nationality:Caucasian/South Korean
Occupation:Infantry Man of the South Korean Armed Forces (Former), Leader of the South Korean Anti-Bioterrorism Force (Current)
Spouse(s):Soo Jin
Children:Tai Hyun Kwan

Kyung Kwan (Born: August 3,1990) was a member of the South Korean Armed Forces who was stationed on the frontlines against the North Korean Military. His parents were killed in a bombardment while on the battlefield against the army of North Korea, Kwan was raised by his brother who was already serving in the military. By his teens, Kyung became a member of the South Korean Armed Forces and on his first mission, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for defending his wounded squad from on coming North Korean troops. By 2003, the T-Virus spread throughout the world and hit both North and South Korea, both forces dwindled and then Kyung came up with the South Korean Anti-Bioterrorism Force against the threat of the North Korean forces and the Zombies that used to be their comrades.


By the year 2009, Kyung Kwan had ordered South Korea's main air force to assist the forces of Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus against the Umbrella Corporation's naval and air forces. By the end of the battle, Kyung and Division Delta's leader Michael Franklin Miller met at a summit in the United States and combined their forces against the remnants of their enemies and the undead.


By 2037, Kyung has retired from his status as leader of the Anti-Bioterrorism Force, his son and successor was his son Tai Hyun Kwan, who maintained the alliance with Division Delta.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Kyung is a highly skilled and expert marksman with a bolt action and assault rifle, almost as deadly as Yuri Jovovich and also has proven to be a very deadly assault trooper on the battlefield. He is also a very deadly soldier in hand to hand, as well as melee weapon combat. Stealth is also a key factor in Kyung's favor, allowing him to come up behind anyone and kill them as fast as the wind, giving him the nickname "The Windstalker".

Friends and FamilyEdit

Kyung is married to Soo Jin, his second in command to whom he had his son Tai Hyun Kwan. He is also good friends with Michael Franklin Miller, Jane Valentine, Sam Redfield, Claire Rain and other members of Division Delta, as well as other factions.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

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