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Kleeya Simmons
Kleeya Simmons
Date of birth:August 15,2011
Blood type:AB+
Height:5ft 8
Mass:120 lb
Occupation:Queen/Goddess of Atlantis (Current), Model for the B.S.A.A. (Current)

"Victoria, You and I are goddesses and queens now, we can do whatever we please"

Kleeya Simmons was born on August 15,2011 and 2 hours after her sister Victoria Simmons, in Hawaii. She was created by the Umbrella Corporation as a weapon of last resort, however they were caught and arrested. Kleeya was fully created before they could even pull the plug. She managed to wake up in the lab destroyed from explosives that were set there by Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus. She got some clothes, weapons, food and water, even a Humvee to get her from place to place. On October of 2037, Kleeya met Victoria for the first time and then they went home together as sisters. By that same year, Kleeya and Victoria were on vacation in the Atlantic when tectonic plates unearthed and risen the lost city of Atlantis. Both decided to investigate and when they entered the palace, they encountered the undead which in turn bowed to them as their goddesses and so they lived there, forming an alliance with Michael Franklin Miller and Division Delta, then soon they became members.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kleeya is like her sister, however she is like Janine Valentine, with her DNA combined with the E-Virus and so she possesses superhuman speed, strength, relflexes/agility, healing, senses and even immunity to disease. She is also known to practice shapeshifting on occassion, as well as possess psychokinetic and telepathic capabilities. She also is known to possess an immunity to poisons as well and she can also sometimes imitate her enemy's attacks, even before they attack. She can actually be injured severely and it takes her a while for her to regenerate.


Unlike her sister, Kleeya is known to go all out naked and sometimes wears a bikini, but for any other occassion or climate, she wears clothes. She also enjoys having power over things such as her duties as one of the queen and a goddess of Atlantis. 

Friends and FamilyEdit

Weapons of ChoiceEdit


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