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{{|name=Klaw,Klaw Killer |created=2010 |created by=Umbrella |creation=On purpose |height=11'6" |purpose=To wipe out the S.T.A.R.S. |status=Active}}

Klaw Version 1Edit

A Klaw is a creature that has claws.One on its head,the other as hands. They are made when injecting someone with scorpion venom,then giving a huge overdose of the T-Virus to them. If steroids have been injected from up to 10 years from when the scorpion venom was, They will be extremely strong,and ripped (As shown in the picture coming soon),and be called Klaw Killers.Im drawing pictures of Klaw killers and Klaws.If you guys have any pictures for it,send it to and ill post them here and give credit to you.If i like it enough i might use yours for Klaw V2!Any ways heres some info on them-

Habitat- Dark Places,Abandoned barns,abandoned labs,and feilds at night.

Food-Mice,Humans,Each other when hungry enough,Large plants.

Attacks- Neck break,Neck slash,Jaw break,chokeslam,Finnish(When he sticks his head claw into your gut,brain,heary,or leg and tosses you into the nearest wall with all of its strength).

Extra info-A strange liquid drips from their mouth.Possibly a new virus........

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