King and Queen V3
Created 2009 October 21st
Created By Dr.Erik Malcolm
Creation form of creation unknown
Based Female and Male Lions
Height/Length 4'1"-4'9"
Purpose Though they are not very intelligent, they know two basic commands which are "Guard and Hunt" and if shown a picture or given a smell, it will find that certain person.
Status 7 Alive out of the original 20

The King and Queen project began in 2007. The Agency began to study the many Viruses that originated from the Progenitor, along with the Progenitor itself. Along with this study of the viruses, they brought in many animals from different regions around the world and began to test the new strains and types of the viruses on them. There where only 3 successful living creatures out of the bunch. The Polar Bears, The Lions, and the Gorillas. The Gorillas where moved to another facility to be studied, while the lions and polar bears where simply moved to different wings of the tanker. The Loins depending on gender where given a different strain of a virus. The males where given advanced-Progenitor type c and the females given T-Veronica 2 Type A. The male lions changed a large amount physically, becoming taller, growing sharper teeth. Their jaws extended and eyes came closer together, fur and skin color changing to a dark purple. The females also changed, tales becoming sharp and bladed, top jaw overlapping the bottom. They where dubbed Kings and Queens.

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