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Justin is one of twenty kids used as test subjects by the Umbrella Corporation. He along with the surviving two, Cassiopeia and Love Imani will risk their young lives to escape their fate.

250px in max
Justin Maddox Oliveira
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth November 18th,1985
Gender Male
Height 6'2'
Race/Ethnicity Hispanic
Occupation survivor of Raccoon City
Marital status Dating Azura Wesker
Relative(s) Maria Oliveira (Mother), Carlos Oliveira (Brother), Azura Wesker (Girlfriend), Nicolette Wesker (Daughter)
Status Alive

Lifetime Edit

Birth and Early LifeEdit

Justin was born two years after Cassiopeia was taken. His Mom, Maria was still young and already an eight year old, Carlos who was already learning to shoot a gun. So she made the better choice and give him up so he could go to a better home. That was her mistake, Justin was instead taken by th same people who had taken Cassiopeia. He showed no sign of his virus til he was of talking age when he saved Cassiopeia from a Cerberus. He could see the future. That's how his friendship with Cassiopeia began.

The Escape, The Discovery and, Good-byeEdit

When they escaped, Cassiopeia was fifteen, Justin thirteen, and Love Imani ten. That day was different than all the others. This day, A security guard helped them out of the cages before he committed suicide so he wouldn't turn into a zombie. When they got out of the building, Love Imani ran in fear from a zombie so the two remaining separated to find her. Justin meets a hurt Mikhail Victor in an alleyway and helps him to the railcar. He then meets Carlos Oliveira, although he doesn't realize that this is his brother. He then goes with Carlos to the R.P.D. and finds Love Imani who has met Jill Valentine. He then finds out the truth about his past. The four then find Cassiopeia's group then they all separated for the last time. After fighting and defeating Nemesis, all four escape Raccoon City as it is bombed.


Justin is placed into the military and protects his squad using his power. He then joins his brother who works for the Government as an Agent. Months later, he finds Cassiopeia and Love in a town he was investigating and brings them to Africa to end it once and for all.

Wardrobe and AppearanceEdit

Justin has light brown hair, tanned skin, and brown eyes with a green tint. Raccoon City Wardrobe: Dark Gray shirt (Black in concept design), Black shorts (Gray in concept design), white socks and black shoes. RE5: Black Jacket, Dark Brown undershirt, Brown pants, light brown boots.

The Umbrella Kids Cast by SimGoddess1

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