Joseph Hark
Joseph Hark
Date of birth:1980
Date of death:2011 (Presumably)
Blood type:B+
Family:Lily Hark
Occupation:Chemical Tek Researcher
"Look, Things Are... Complicated At The Moment, Okay?"
―Joseph Hark To His Sister via Payphone

Joseph Hark was a researcher in the Chemical Tek branch in the United States who was killed during an attempt to steal the Tsuyo Virus during it's shipment from the United Kingdom to the US. He was later reanimated by the virus and quickly revealed Chemical Tek's involvment before going into hiding.


Joseph Hark was born in 1980, 5 years after the birth of his sister Lily Hark, to a single mother in Detroit. The rough-and-tumble state of the city during the years after his birth left him scarred and toughened, whilst his sister had been taken into social services to California to foster parents. In 1995, Hark got a job within Chemical Tek and in 1998, received a promotion giving him access to sensitive information which he would later learn the danger of. His sister, also an employee of Chemical Tek, discovered files detailing the transportation of "Anomalous Chemical Materials" to Joseph's branch. Learning of what these materials were, she alerted Joseph of what it was. However, due to Jospeh's position, his attempt to alert the Bioterrorism Security Assesment Alliance failed. The company discovered what he had done and, after dispatching specially trained operatives to Hark's location in New Jersey, promptly disposed of him in a violent fashion. After his death, the company attempted to discreetly move him to Colorado aboard the same plane the virus was aboard to avoid his corpse being detected in security checks, due to the, supposedly, toxicity of the chemicals. However, during the flight, turbulence caused the virus to leak into the hidden container Hark's corpse was stored inside of, reanimating Hark's corpse. The turbulence aboard the aircraft had also damaged important components within the airliner's landing gear, causing it to crash when it attempted to land at Denver International Airport. The wrecked plane then crashed into concourse A of the airport. Hark was the only survivor of the crash, emerging from the destroyed ruins of the plane and concourse. When he attempted to leave, Denver Police Department officers attempted to arrest him after receiving a tip-off from Chemical Tek that he was to blame for the disaster. As they attempted to detain him, he learnt of his abilities for the first time, killing several of the officers with his bladed arm. During his escape from the airport, he killed a further 4 officers in the ensuing chaos caused by the panic of civilians and survivors in the concourse. Later, he assumed a different identity, contacted his sister via payphone and took up residence in the Brown Palace Hotel, whilst the Federal Bureau Of Investigation and Chemical Tek launched a manhunt for him with the help of Dr. Harrison Hardcastle, a Chemical Tek scientist, to "Disarm" him. His sister Lily at that time had been arrested by FBI agents and interrogated in the confines of the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington DC in the hopes of discovering the location of Joseph. However, Joseph had formulated his own plan of getting at Hardcastle, who was now in the Denver branch building of Chemical Tek. Jospeh used his abilities to the extreme, learning of his "Pyrosis" and "Whip" abilities, during the assault before finally reaching Hardcastle. Killing Hardcastle, Joseph learnt of the whereabouts of his sister and Chemical Tek's involvment from Hardcastle's PDA. During an audacious raid on the Hoover building, he managed to rescue his sister and plant a tip-off on the FBI database. The FBI followed the pointer and discovered Chemical Tek's involvement. Although the US Goverment granted amnesty for Joseph's sister, he was still forced to remain on the run, and hid away in the Swiss Alps. In 2010, he learnt of an unknown creature wreaking havoc across the UK, going on killing sprees from place to place. Enraged by the thought of this, he set out to kill the creature, his information stream bringing him to the town of Brecon in Wales. However, the Special Biohazard Countermeasure Service and British Military had caught wind, with the latter prepared to fight him. After a long and one sided battle in his favour against law enforcement and British Army personnel, he made his way to the mine of Bleak Hollows, the last known location of the creature. He had laid a trap for Chemical Tek, his old employers, and attacked the team that had taken the bait, killing it's leader Dr. Samuel Hartwell. He also chased after Jack Steel, a former BSAA agent who, unbeknownst to Hark, had been forced to work with the company, before being promptly decapitated by a large steel door in the mine. After the virus had repaired his body, he set after Steel, finding him with the creature. The creature attacked him, whilst Steel detonated left over explosives, collapsing the mine on Hark and the creature. Hark survived, making his way back to the mainland US to meet up with his sister. However, after finding his sister injecting drugs, she forced him out, showing him pictures of the people whom he had killed. In disgrace, he left the US and returned to the Swiss Alps.


Before his subsequent reanimation, Joseph was a happy-go-lucky character, completely devoid of any apparent worry, although during his final days he was filled with concern over the danger of the virus. After his reanimation his personality changed. He was left calm, soft spoken and serious, often failing to see the funny side of any humour spouted in his general direction.

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