"We were trying to create the ultimate fighting creature... and, unfortunatly, we succeeded"
―Josef Joenson to Alexus Siemenov
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A scientist under the employ of Roderick Lazarus, Josef Joenson was part of the research team responsible for the creation and analysis of the Tyrant T-200, also known as Hannibal. Josef, after seeing the things that Hannibal could do, suddenly realised how dangerous the creature could be, and attempted to destroy it. His attempt failed and he was placed in the holding cells of the facility, an act that ultimatley saved his life when Hannibal began it's horrific rampage. Joeson was later found by Captain Isaac Hayes, who was the leader of a DarkRain unit sent to eliminate Hannibal. Joeson accompanied Hayes and later became one of the only surviving people in the facility, the others being Hayes, Private Alexus Siemenov and Sergeant Franklin Mossberg. Joenson later teamed up with Alexus as they attempted to establish contact with Lazarus. Joenson managed to single-handedly defeat a Fenrir Matriarch whilst rescuing Alex after she was knocked down by Hannibal. Joeson was ultimatley killed by Hannibal whilst trying to escape the creature. Whilst he, Alex and Hayes were escaping, Hannibal threw it's machetee at Josef, which hit him in the leg. Josef tripped and, unable to move away in time, had his skull crushed by Hannibal.

In GamesEdit

Joenson makes his first game appearance in Resident Evil: Failsafe, where he is breifly playable in Alexus Siemenov's storyline.

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