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Johnny Phillips
Date of birth:1985
Date of death:N/A
Age:27 In 2012
Blood type:B+
Height:4ft 9 Inches
Occupation:SBCS Operative
"I Miss My Mum.. And Her Cakes..."
―Johnny Phillips, Muttering To Himself

Johnny Phillips was an operative in the Special Biohazard Countermeasure Service who operated alongside fellow operative Marty "Piss-take" Price during the Saxon Station outbreak in 2012.


Johnny was born in 1985 in Yorkshire to a well-off family within the inner city region of Yorkshire. His upbringing was a comfortable one, with his parents insisting he attend a reputable primary and secondary school. Throughout his school life, he did nothing but excell. However, there was one simple casualty of his addiction to doing well: he simply failed in social interaction on all scales. By the time he'd been and gone to school, he'd had a grand total of 2 friends in all his years studying. His college years were yet again filled with success, even though he barely ever established a social life there. When he reached 19, he joined the Territorial Army, training as an electronics technician for the army. It was during his time with the territorials, then finally the regular army, that he developed a strong relationship with his mother and father, always attempting to please them. In 2009, during the Winston Borough outbreak, he was one of the many infantry units sent to quarantine the borough whilst the outbreak burnt itself out. It was here he distinguished himself by killing several T-Virus infected Zombies who were converging on evacuees, succesfully earning himself a promotion to corporal. Following the aftermath of the outbreak, he received instructions to join the Special Biohazard Countermeasure Service, or SBCS, to work alongside other able-bodied men and women within the British Army. He jumped at the idea, throwing himself into the organization, practically exploding with excitement at the prospect of success. In 2012, a strain of the T-Virus was released into the London Underground, via Saxon Station. This caused a panic within London, whilst the British Army narrowly contained the infection after it had spread to 3 other stations. Both Johnny Phillips and Marty "Piss-take" Price were called in to stop the outbreak from spreading. The two men soon found themselves desperately fighting against the infection, Price with disturbing gusto, more so than Phillips, until they were relieved by SBCS elite operatives.


Johnny was a rather timid person, often consoling himself softly. Usually, he was found writing letters to his parents whereas his squad mates could be found, in Price's words "Shagging every beauty and drinking every beer!" on their leave. Although timid, he did accept the fact that the creatures infected with the T-Virus in the Saxon Station outbreak were no longer human, at least partially calming his troubled mind.

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