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Cpl. John Alfred Mercee
Date of Birth August 5th, 1968
Date of Death June 3rd, 1999
Gender Male
Height 6" 4'
Race/Ethnicity Human/Carcausion
Occupation USRRS, Charlie Squadron
Marital status N/A
Relative(s) Elizabeth Mercee
Status Dead

"Well...If no one else is gonna say it I will...we're fucked"

-Cpl. John A. Mercee

Cpl. John Alfred Mercee, or Corporal Mercee, is a machine gunner for the US Government's Recovery and Reconnaissance Squadron, or USRRS. He is the teams largest member and is the last one to die in Resident Evil: Retribution. He treats the whole team with a sense of respect and is quite the sharpshooter when he has to be. His main weapon is an AR-15 Assault Rifle.

''Early Life''Edit

''Aku-Bakr; 1999''Edit

''Abilities and Skills''Edit



"Allen, I see a lot of bodies...what the hell...we may have a survivor..."

-Cpl. Mercee from radio

''Physical Appearance''Edit




  • John is a masculine given name in the English Language. The name is derived from the Latin Ioannes, Iohannes, which is in turn a form of the Greek Ἰωάννης, Iōánnēs. This Greek name is a form of the Hebrew name יוֹחָנָן, Yôḥanan, which means "God is gracious". There are numerous forms of the name in different languages. It is among the most common given names in Anglophone countries; traditionally, it was the most common, although it has not been since the latter half of the 20th century.
  • Mercee is deprived from the French village of Saint-De-Merce

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