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Joel Arnold Gardner
Date of Birth March 25th, 1973
Date of Death June 3rd, 2007
Gender Male
Height 6" 3'
Race/Ethnicity Human/ Carcausion
Occupation Journalist
Marital status N/A
Relative(s) N/A
Status Dead

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"Well...there goes the neighborhood..."

-Joel Gardner

Joel Arnold Gardner

'Early Life'Edit

'Ashcroft City Incident; 2007'Edit


'Abilities and Skills'Edit


"You owe me a beer now..."

-Joel to Allen after he saved him from a zombie Joel Gardner, even in the zombie-infested city, is still sarcastic and joking. He often talks and rambles about the "good times" he had in the city before the infection, like getting drunk at McScruffy's Bar. After regrouping with Allen and Rebecca at the fire station, he will see Rebecca for the first time and often hit on her until his death scene in the Labortory, where he will comment that Rebecca should've wore more revealing clothing as he bleeds to death.


"Heh...if I knew I was gonna die today, I would've told you wear something more revealing..."

-Joel Gardner's last words

Joel Gardner wears a black jacket with a white collar shirt underneath it. He also wears green slacks and browm dress shoes. He is often seen carrying a large wooden baseball bat and a camera around his neck, he hair is gelled up in the front and a pair of sunglasses can be seen in the front pocket. A notebook and a pen are seen in the left pant-side pocket, and a silver necklace around his neck.

'Physical Appearance'Edit

"H-How did you get those scars on your hands?"

"What, these...Just roughing up the dead, the American way."
-Joel to Rebecca about his hands.

Joel Gardner is a rough journalist who's build is of a strong man, standing a little over 6 feet tall. He has broad shoulders and strengthen arms. His chin is holds a slight beard growing and his hair often reeks of hairspray and gels. His knuckles contain a few bruises and some slight cuts, he also has a slight cut on his cheek but he says he always had that.