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Jill Valentine RE Operation Raccoon City

Jill Valentine was a S.T.A.R.S. member now she works for B.S.A.A.


THE G=102 Incident

(Take in mind this is a non profit game)
Jill Valentine Theme Marvel vs02:41

Jill Valentine Theme Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Jill's theme in The Mercenaries

In this mission Jill is send to desable a new Laboratory if Umbrella in Canada, he faces a new monster type M-4, she finds a new partner called Richard Grayson, he and Jill finaley disable the lab but Jill has a cut in his leg and seems to be M-4 blood (take in mind this is not a profir game)


Umbrella Rise again incident:

In the year 2010, (This game is set in RE: The nightmare is born) she was send in a mission to rescue B.S.A.A Agent Chris Redfield, she lost in a forest and she had to manage whit monster such as Werewolfs and that kind of thing, Finaley she found Chris, she had strong memories of that mision.

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