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Janine Valentine
Date of birth:April 29,1990
Age:23 (Appearance) 67 (Chronologically)
Blood type:Unknown
Height:5ft 10inches
Occupation:Assassin for the Umbrella Corporation

"How many of me did Umbrella make?"- Jane Valentine to Michael about Janine

Janine Valentine was created in a freak accident back in 1990 while the Umbrella Corporation was creating Jane Valentine, a clone of Jill Valentine. She was accidently made when DNA from Jane accidently ended up in a vial of the T-Virus and soon after the growing process, this clone went mad, broke out of her Cloning Tube and then killed everyone in the lab. After observing this, Albert Wesker gave her a purpose in Umbrella and kept her secret, as well as held captive until 2037 when she escaped from her prison and was roaming free in New Raccoon City.


Unlike her sister, Janine is a little stir crazy and is known to be very sneaky when it comes to her enemies. She is also known to be a cheat and desires power like Wesker, also she wishes to be his goddess in his new world.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to her biology and combination of her DNA with the T-Virus, Janine is known to have enhanced abilities. Her speed, strength, senses, healing and other natural abilities are increased like Alice's powers and abilities and she can even match Alice in hand to hand combat. She is also an excellent shot when it comes to using sniper and long ranged weapons. The Anti-Virus is known to make her weak and mellow her out after she is injected with it.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

Along side her powers, Janine is known to use weapons against her foes whenever she needs to use them.


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