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Jane Bradstreet
Jane HE1
Date of birth:August 25th, 1982
Height:168 cm (5'6")
Mass:56 kg (123 lb.)
Occupation:BSAA SOA
Appearances:Resident Evil: Hyper-Evolution
Resident Evil Hyper-Evolution: Part III
Voice:Hannah Spearritt (English)
Yoshiko Sakakibara (Japanese)
"I will definitely get you out of here. Just stay calm and do as I say."
―Jane Bradstreet

Jane Bradstreet is a Special Operations Agent of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance's European Branch.


Jane joined the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance's European Branch before the year 2005. After distinguishing herself from most of her peers, she became a Special Operations Agent.

Steel Chariots' First Strike (2005)Edit

In the year 2005, a city on the coast of the United Kingdom suffered a bioterrorist attack. The BSAA tracked the source of the attack to a cargo ship and sent Jane and Scarlet Knight to the vessel to investigate. When the agents boarded the ship, it began to move. They encountered the same bioweapons that attacked the city, alerting the crew of their presence. Eventually, the BSAA agents found the pilot of the ship, who had turned into a Draugr himself. After they killed him, Scarlet was able to find the coordinates of the ship's destination, which was an uninhabited tropical island. When nearing its destination, the cargo ship was attacked by the Lyngbakr, causing it to sink. With debris in the way, Jane and Scarlet attempted to escape while holding off the bioweapon. Just before the ship arrived at the island, Jane and Scarlet seemingly killed the Lyngbakr with their weapons, as it ceased activity.

The agents swam to land and began scouting the island. Roaming among the forest were more bioweapons, including some of which had yet to be encountered. The BSAA agents were able to find the facility producing the bioweapons, named Jötunheimr, but they were separated when they were ambushed by a swarm of Wargs. Scarlet, who was farther away from the facility, urged Jane to go on without her. With no other option, Jane complied and entered the building.

Sneaking through the facility, she soon came across an unoccupied security room and found a civilian in a cell. Disgusted that a civilian is being experimented on, Jane decided that rescuing him was another priority. Once she figured out exactly where Dom was being held, she immediately went to his cell, killed the nearby guards, and freed the prisoner. Jane briefly introduced herself, and the civilian did the same, telling her that his name is Dom and explaining that Charles Burr, the head researcher of the facility, had been using the virus in [Dom's] blood to develop bioweapons. Ultimately, the whole facility was alerted of Dom's rescue. To prevent their escape, Burr locked down all doors of the building and released his bioweapons after Dom and Jane. When a handful of lesser bioweapons proved to be unsuccessful, Burr started to unleash his more powerful creatures, ignoring the fact that doing so was overkill for a mere pair of humans. Regardless, Dom and Jane were able to find weapons strong enough to eliminate these monstrosities, narrowly surviving each encounter. Having no way of leaving the facility, due to the building's doors being locked down, Jane and Dom decided to confront Burr directly. On their way to the control room, they briefly caught glimpses of Tony Wesker, who was also on his way to Burr.

Jane and Dom entered the control room, only to find that Burr had mutated into a centaur-like creature. Not as powerful as his better creations, Burr was killed in his struggle to finish off Jane and Dom. Jane ran to the controls of the building, only to find out that the doors had already been opened. On their way out, Dom and Jane faced Burr's ultimate bioweapon – Surtr. Throwing everything they had at the massive creature, Dom and Jane eventually brought it down. Jane told Dom to follow her to the island's port, hoping that there would be ships remaining. Even outdoors, bioweapons continued to chase after Jane and Dom, who soon met up with the injured Scarlet, who she thought to be dead. Before the three could reach the ship, a Hræsvelgr dragged Scarlet away with its tongue. Scarlet told Jane and Dom to leave her, as she no longer had any chance to escape. To not let Scarlet's sacrifice be in vain, Jane and Dom complied and escaped onto the vessel.

On their way off the island, the Lyngbakr attacked once more. With this ship sinking like the last, Jane and Dom boarded a lifeboat. Now better-equipped, the two of them put down the creature for good. BSAA helicopters arrived a few hours later to extract Jane and Dom, and the latter was then taken into BSAA custody.


Abilities and SkillsEdit


Jane is a young Caucasian woman with slanted, dark brown eyes and long, wavy light-brown hair that is often tied in a bun.

In Resident Evil: Hyper-Evolution, Jane wears a black and orange wetsuit with black gloves and black diving boots. In the Mercenaries minigame of RE:HE, in her "Urban" loadout, Jane wears a faded green formfitting shirt, gray pants, black fingerless gloves, and black boots. Jane also possesses a bonus costume, where she wears an orange bikini.


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